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We bring fresh ideas and thinking in the place of stale methodology. We replace scale with agility and resources with capability.

Our business model will reflect your requirements. There will be times when you have well defined objectives that will suit fixed price work packages. In other instances, you will be on a discovery phase and may wish to engage on a pay-as-you-go basis. We are open to a partnership model, sharing risk and reward with you – where our fee is contingent upon realising business benefits and delivering tangible success to your business.

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Each sector is different. Influenced by regulation, culture and business models. Our client leaders provide industry alignment and thought leadership as part of our continuous improvement and development of solutions.

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Our Services define the approach and methods we take to assure and deliver business outcomes.


Our approach to IT and Digital strategy involves an end-to-end business requirements analysis, outlining a business case...


We start with the Discovery & Research to analyse and explore your business and customers’ needs to determine facts...


Frontend and Backend development (Full-stack development) using JavaScript (including Angular, React,...


Our delivery is outcomes based, implementing products and services in an iterative manner, with a focus on the benefits...

Live (Operations)

We design, build and implement IT and digital service operations in new environments and work with teams to improve operational...

Consulting with a small "c"

Unlike larger consulting firms / system integrators, we do not have an independent corporate agenda; your agenda is our agenda. In short, we provide highly relevant and bespoke services, not constrained by a bench of resources that get resprayed to be strategy one day and technicians the next. We maintain continuity, trust and delivery excellence through a small but seasoned core team that is hand-picked for your requirements.

Social Values

We strive to improve the economic, social and environmental wellbeing of all those that we interact with. We are fully committed to this as a matter of good practice and it is integral to our approach in delivering sustainable and ethical benefits through the deployment of technology solutions.

Social Value, for us, means improving outcomes for the communities that we operate in through our work with clients and as an employer.

As an organisation, Rothian has taken the responsibility to:

Take care of our environment

Look after our planet on behalf of the next generation

Integrate with our communities

We will embed ourselves, integrating and adopting new ways of working

Invest in our staff

Promoting wellbeing and creating an inclusive culture so that everyone feels safe and can be themselves

Put values ahead of commercial

Earn respect through our honesty and integrity, even if this means a poorer commercial outcome for Rothian

Our Partners

We use a ‘team of teams’ approach to enable a best-in-class approach to delivery. By working alongside recognised specialists, we enrich our propositions without constraint, be it organisational boundaries or the limitations of our own bench.

Our Capabilities bring you subject matter expertise

Our Capabilities group together the skills and professions that we provide to build out our Services and Solutions.


Our Development service is underpinned by subject matter experts for web and mobile technologies (Android & IOS...


We have an in-depth understanding of the organisations facing challenges that are looking to harness and...


AWS, Azure and GCP offer a range of storage, computing and networking options such as instant provisioning...


Our cyber subject matter experts secure your digital business by understanding the threat landscape and implementing...


We provide a full suite of social media and content management services. Enabling organisations to promote themselves in an...

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We will respond to open tenders, requests for information and opportunities to invest with you in a proof of concept.


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