Anti-Bribery & Corruption Policy 


We are committed to conducting business ethically and maintaining the highest standards of integrity. This Anti-Bribery & Corruption Policy outlines our approach to preventing bribery and corruption. 

Our commitments 


  1. Bribery Laws and Definitions: 
  • We do not to offer, promise, give, request, agree to, receive, or accept bribes. 
  • We maintain compliance with the Bribery Act 2010 at all times. 


     2. Risk Assessment: 

  • We continually assess the level of risk our business faces regarding bribery and corruption. 
  • Our management practices are tailored to address specific risks. 


     3. Gifts, Hospitality, and Donations: 

  • We have clearly communicated rules on accepting gifts, hospitality, or donations to all of our staff and associates. 
  • This includes thresholds or limits for acceptable gifts that we review on an annual basis. 


     4. Business Conduct: 

  • We regularly review our guidance on ethical business conduct, including negotiating contracts and avoiding conflicts of interest. 


     5. Reporting Procedures: 

  • We maintain clear channels for reporting suspicions of bribery, corruption, or irregularities. 



  • All employees are to be aware of this policy. 
  • Regular monitoring and review of the policy are essential. 


Updated 31 March 2023 


Nav Bahl 
Managing Director 

Rothian Ltd 

Anti-Bribery & Corruption Policy 

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