YouTube enforces compulsory disclosure for AI-generated content.

YouTube’s latest policy requires creators to disclose whether AI was utilized in producing videos, promoting transparency regarding AI-generated content. Starting next year, creators are mandated to disclose AI involvement, particularly in realistic scenes or when altering the appearances or statements of real individuals.
YouTube has implemented new regulations mandating creators to disclose their use of generative AI in their videos, with the intention of keeping viewers informed about AI-generated content. This adjustment comes in response to the growing ease with which AI can produce lifelike videos depicting fictional scenarios. Commencing next year, these updates will encompass:
  • Mandatory disclosure of AI participation in creating lifelike scenes or modifying the appearances or statements of actual individuals.
  • Opportunities for content removal requests for material mimicking identifiable individuals, except for cases of satire, parody, and imitations of public figures.
  • Specific procedures for music industry partners to request the removal of content imitating the voices of particular artists.
  • Complete transparency to the audience regarding YouTube’s own AI tools.
Failure to disclose AI usage may lead to content removal or penalties. YouTube underscores its current regulations against deceptive content and assures that AI-generated videos adhere to guidelines on violence and hate speech. The visibility of AI disclosure varies, with a heightened focus on sensitive topics such as politics and health. While disclosures may primarily appear in video descriptions, YouTube intends to introduce clearer labeling for sensitive subjects.
What is the significance of this? 
The ease of creating diverse content through AI raises concerns about the swift spread of easily generated misinformation. Criticism has arisen from instances of journalists using ChatGPT, impacting both affected individuals and the broader audience. As AI enhances its capacity to replicate reality, concerns about deepfakes and other AI-generated visual and audio content become more pronounced. Establishing guidelines for AI use encourages responsible and ethical practices among content creators, particularly in handling sensitive subjects or replicating individuals’ likenesses.

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YouTube enforces compulsory disclosure for AI-generated content.

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