Enhancing Internet Accessibility in Morocco: The Growth and Advancements of Internet Exchange Points.

According to the Internet Society Pulse Country Report for Morocco, the nation leads Africa in internet user percentage relative to the total population. Despite affordable IP transit costs due to close proximity to significant European Internet Exchange Points (IXPs), a vibrant and expanding private sector, and Casablanca serving as a bustling ICT hub attracting numerous IT firms, content creators, and stakeholders, there remains ample opportunity for enhancing the local internet ecosystem. Building a robust infrastructure at price points accessible to local consumers is crucial for further development.
In 2019, Morocco established its inaugural Internet Exchange Point, CAS-IX, through collaborative efforts with support from the Internet Society and France-IX. Technical training, facilitated by the Morocco Internet Society Chapter, contributed to the successful implementation. In the year 2022, the Internet Society extended a grant to CAS-IX, enabling the acquisition and installation of new equipment, as well as the implementation of essential services for the operation and management of the Internet Exchange Point.
Through on-site training and support, CAS-IX implemented new switches responsible for linking devices within a network and facilitating the transmission of data packets to and from these devices. Additionally, CAS-IX introduced Internet Exchange Point (IXP) services, incorporating a comprehensive management platform known as IXP Manager and deploying an open-source software called Routinator, designed to enhance routing security.

The Ongoing Enhancement of Morocco’s Internet Experience through Internet Exchange Points

Presently, the updated infrastructure provides a port density twice as high and speed ten times greater. This significantly enhances the internet experience for users in Morocco.
This infrastructure will empower CAS-IX to draw in high-traffic networks like Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) and applications sensitive to latency, operating at increased speeds. Enhanced equipment translates to an improved quality of service for IXP members, resulting in superior service for end users in Morocco. Furthermore, the equipment facilitates CAS-IX in enhancing security measures by encrypting data at the lowest transmission level, utilizing features such as MACSec.
Our collaboration with CAS-IX persists as we strive to enhance its infrastructure and ensure long-term sustainability. CAS-IX is actively pursuing ownership of its IP address resources, aiming to enhance both efficiency and reliability, while also fortifying its routing security with the goal of becoming a part of MANRS for IXPs in the future. Through partnerships, such as with Meta, our collective efforts contribute to the development and improvement of IXPs, supporting organizations dedicated to building a better Internet for everyone

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Enhancing Internet Accessibility in Morocco: The Growth and Advancements of Internet Exchange Points.

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