Out of the box… or Jack in the box?

Jack in the box
All too often digital innovation is confused with ‘out of the box thinking’. In our experience, it’s better to stay firmly inside the box.Transformation is sometimes used as a trigger word when requirements are unclear – a signal to bring in an army of consultants, who – by definition – are outside of the box.Being inside the box doesn’t mean ambitions should be set low. The likes of Twitter taught us that sometimes less is more. Similarly, nudge economics showed us how a mere 5 pence charge saw UK retailers usage of plastic bags drop by a staggering 97%.Inside the box simply means that ideas remain contextual and are grounded in the art of the doable, rather than wallowing in the art of the possible.We don’t operate with a huge bench of consultants. We prefer to be more surgical in our approach and work as an embedded delivery capability. It’s all to easy to throw stones from outside of the box.Please reach out if you have any interesting examples where you delivered a high impact from a small change. We’d like to hear about success stories of thinking small and delivering BIG.

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Out of the box… or Jack in the box?

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