Data is the new oil, it’s like black gold

Data is the new oil, it’s like black gold. If you don’t respect it and don’t protect it, it will slip through your fingers and land up in the wrong hands. Bad actors are no longer just script kiddies de-facing websites for fun – today’s bad actors are highly skilled and sometimes state-funded with the motivation of a whole nation state behind them. Organisations battling with basic security controls will struggle to exist for too much longer given what’s coming up. With AI unleashed and coupled with the brute force of quantum computing- Cyber is set to obliterate those that have not invested in modern day controls – and we don’t just mean 2FA. Data needs to be inherently protected at it’s very cored, irrespective of its transportation over a network or the device its stored on. That means using a combination of data controls that include obfuscation, encryption and rights management – protecting your most confidential data from tampering and leaks. Conversely, those that embrace Cyber will thrive.  The choice is yours, make it today.

We deliver services and solutions by applying our Digital, Data, Technology and Cyber capabilities.


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Data is the new oil, it’s like black gold

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